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For many years, superior craftsmanship has been a core value in the Anything Wood family.

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We’ve Been Bringing Your Visions To Life In Tucson Since 1997

About Us

Anything Wood is a full-service custom woodworking shop consisting of a small group of dedicated and talented craftsmen. Our company creates beautiful cabinetry while providing direct-contact customer service and personalized attention to our client’s needs.

Our Story

Wayne discovered a passion early in life for woodworking and crafting items from hand. In 7th grade shop, he started making small items for friends and family who always told him he had a natural talent.  In 1987, as a Senior in High School, Wayne’s family moved from Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Tucson, Arizona. That is when he started spending more time in the craft and making larger custom items like storage chests, tables, dressers, etc.  After high school he joined the “corporate” world and found that was not a good fit for him so he decided to go to work for a small cabinet shop and worked his way from a beginning apprentice to the shop foreman very quickly.  He knew he loved working with wood and wanted to do more custom type cabinetry so he decided to make the break and go out on his own.  In 1997, Anything Wood was started in a small 1000 square foot shop on Grant Road with 2 guys.  They stayed there until 2012 when he was able to purchase a 10,000 square foot shop on Ruthrauff and I-10 and a team of 4.  In Dec 2018, and much to his surprise, AzDOT came in and gave him 3 months to find a new location because they were going to demolish the building for the new overpass that was going to be built.  In April 2019, the business was moved to 1st Ave and growing like an AZ weed!  We are producing more cabinetry than he ever expected he would, with a team of 11.  Wayne is very proud of his accomplishments and with his easy-going nature and keen eye for detail in design, his craftsmanship and skills in the wood shop have brought him a long way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest of professionalism and quality in everything we do.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring perfection to every woodworking project we touch.

What we do

Residential & Commercial

Luxury Residences

At Anything Wood, we pay extraordinary attention to every detail to ensure delivery in the highest level of quality from our projects and aim to surpass your expectations when giving your living space a new look or building your dream project.


At Anything Wood, we understand the needs of commercial properties. Our dedicated staff works hard to meet the high standards and requirements that come with these type of projects.



Anything Wood built eight great custom cabinet doors for us, matching finish and color. Great customer service from first visit to delivery of the finished doors. We’re customers for life!


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3550 N. 1ST AVE #100, Tucson, Arizona 85719

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M-F: 8:30am - 3:30pm